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Unbroken King - Julius Randle

Unbroken King - Julius Randle

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28 x 40 oil on canvas 

In the realm of hardwood courts, where legends tread,
There strides a king, by destiny led.
His name resounds like thunder's roar,
Julius Randle, the unbroken core.

With sinew and sweat, he crafts his reign,
Each dribble a tale, each shot a refrain.
In the crucible of competition, he's forged,
A titan among mortals, his legacy gorged.

His steps echo through the annals of time,
A symphony of prowess, a rhythm sublime.
With grit and grace, he conquers all,
The court his kingdom, he stands tall.

Through battles fierce, and trials dire,
He stokes the flame of a burning fire.
In victory or defeat, he wears his crown,
A monarch of the game, renowned.

Oh, Julius Randle, relentless and true,
In your kingdom of hoops, we stand in awe of you.
Your saga unwritten, your destiny grand,
An unbroken king, ruling the land.

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